What are the Benefits of Winter Tire?

Benefits of Winter Tires | Maple Toyota

It's important to know when you should be changing to winter tires, and why. Tires that are able to grip the road in the summer heat, don't offer the same traction when the weather turns cold. The tread compound used in summer and all season tires offers little to no cold weather traction; causing the tires to become hard and loses traction in freezing temperatures.

Winter tires are specifically designed to help you maneuver slippery, wet and icy roads

They are made up of a soft rubber compound that remains flexible as temperatures drop for easier road handling. Winter tires are created with unique tread patterns that have wider grooves to enhance the traction in winter conditions. Grip is absolutely critical to help ensure the vehicle can efficiently steer and stop. Winter tires help to provide superior traction of up to 50% more then all-season tires and can be the difference in avoiding trouble. 

When installing winter tires, always use a matching set of four. This ensures balanced and controlled handling capabilities in wet, slush and icy conditions.