At Maple Honda, we know that excellent customer service involves far more than introducing you to our star-studded new inventory. Not only do we provide customers with some of the most reliable motors on the market, we also boast a staff committed to ensuring that you'll enjoy our new Honda to the fullest. In addition to our home base of Maple, Ontario, we're proud to report that we also serve the neighbouring communities of Richmond Hill, King, Markham and Aurora. Whatever kind of model or segment you prefer, you can count on our certified Maple Honda dealer to ensure that you'll enjoy it to the fullest long after you've left our lot as a new Honda owner.

Meet Our Staff in Maple, Ontario

From the moment you walk through our door, we'll make you feel welcome and work with you to build a relationship that will stand the test of time. Our sales team can fill you in on any particulars regarding the vehicle that suits you best, and our finance department will do its best to arrange a plan that accommodates your budget. Our first-rate service doesn't end there, as we also boast a parts and service team that will keep your Honda humming long after you've made it yours. You don't have to take us at our word either, as over 2,500 glowing Google reviews can attest to our tireless efforts to serve old and new customers alike.

Sales Team

Vic Gulati
General Manager
(905) 832-1202 ext. 222

Languages Spoken: Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi

Vince Careri
Sales Manager
(905) 832-1202 ext. 264

Languages Spoken: Italian & Spanish

Kevin Ly
New Vehicle Sales Representative
(905) 832-1202 ext. 271

Languages Spoken: Vietnamese & German

Abdul Rehman Alamgir
Assistant Sales Manager
(905) 832-1202 ext. 262

Languages Spoken: Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi

John Shalviri
Pre-Owned Sales Representative
(905) 832-1202 ext. 230

Languages Spoken: Farsi

Arif Azim
New Vehicle Sales Representative
(905) 832-1202 ext. 273

Languages Spoken: Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi

Arshdeep Singh Bajwa
New Vehicle Sales Representative
(905) 832-1202 ext. 263

Languages Spoken: Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi

David Gurung
New Vehicle Sales Representative
(905) 832-1202 ext. 243

Languages Spoken: Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi

Steven Lau
New Vehicle Sales Representative
(905) 832-1202 ext. 223

Languages Spoken: Cantonese & Mandarin

Sugam Trehan
New Vehicle Sales Representative
(905) 832-1202 ext. 271

Amrinder Singh
Sales and Leasing Executive
(905) 832-1202 ext. 243


Finance Team

Zain Nauman
Director of Financial Services
(905) 832-1202 ext. 258

Languages Spoken: Hindi & Urdu

Zak Dubey
Leasing Manager
(905) 832-1202 ext. 227

Languages Spoken: Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi

Cosimo Marando
Financial Services Manager
(905) 832-1202 ext. 232

Languages Spoken: Italian

Domenic Cannito
Financial Services Manager
(905) 832-1202 ext. 260

Languages Spoken: Italian

Dinh Doan
Financial Services Manager
(905) 832-1202 ext. 228

Languages Spoken: Vietnamese

Vito Polera
Corporate Account Manager
(416) 464-9690


Service Team

Chris Mccabe
Assistant Service Manager
(905) 832-1202 ext. 266

Kevin Bechu
Service Advisor
(905) 832- 1202 ext. 239

Rachel Roopnarine
Service Advisor
(905) 832-1202 ext. 241

Will Pham
Service Advisor
(905) 832-1202 ext. 265

Languages Spoken: Vietnamese

Humza Zarawar
Service Advisor
(905) 832-1202 ext. 240

Saliba Qaqish
Service Advisor
(905) 832-1202 ext. 261

Johnny Crump
Client Care Team
(905) 832-1202 ext. 244

Lorraine Hradsky
Client Care Team
(905) 832-1202 ext. 267

Monisha Ramlakhan
Client Care Team
(905) 832-1202 ext. 268

Nery Orellena
Shuttle Driver
(905) 832-1202


Parts Team

Nicholas Thoma
Parts Manager
(905) 832-1202 ext. 233

Domenico Laratta
Assistant Parts Manager
(905) 832-1202 ext. 259

Languages Spoken: Italian

Noah Andrade
Parts Advisor
(905) 832-1202 ext.257

Behnam Nezhad
Parts Advisor
(905) 832-0021 ext. 247

Languages Spoken: Farsi


Maple Honda: A Proud Member of Zanchin Automotive Group

We're also thrilled to report that Maple Honda is a member of Zanchin Automotive Group. This family of dealerships has been serving the Greater Toronto Area and beyond since 1973, when founder Joe Zanchin opened his first Honda dealer in Woodbridge, Ontario. Today, Zanchin Automotive Group provides Ontarians with 19 brands from 34 dealerships across the entire province, and we're both happy and proud to be one of them. Contact us or visit Maple Honda today and find out what first-rate customer service really looks like.