Honda Tire Storage in Maple

It's that time of the year again in Canada where the snow starts to melt and we begin to look forward to warmer temperatures. Season change also means changing your winter tires over to summer or all-season tires. With the removal of one set of tires and installation of another comes the daunting task of safely storing our tires for future use. Finding adequate space to store your tires can often be challenging. With Maple Honda Tire Storage Service you can now stop doing all the heavy lifting, eliminating the need to accommodate storage space at home and lug around filthy tires. Serving Maple and surrounding areas of Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Newmarket, and Aurora, Maple Honda offers tire storage service to keep your winter tires securely and safely stored away for the next season. Schedule a service appointment today to remove your winter tires and install a new set. We will also perform an inspection of your winter tires, once removed, to ensure they are adequate and ready for the next season. If you require a new set of tires you will have access to multiple tire types, brands, and sizes at our Tire Centre. Browse our selection of tires online or contact us for more information on which tire is best suited for your Honda.


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