Vehicle Warning Smells


Have you ever smelt something a little off in your vehicle and just ignored it, hoping it will go away? 
Below are 6 familiar smells that could mean something is wrong with your vehicle: 

 Syrup: If you smell the sweet scent of syrup, it could mean your vehicle's coolant is leaking. Caution: Avoid opening the radiator cap when hot.
Gasoline: There may be a gas leak in the fuel injector line or fuel tank if the smell of gasoline is persistent. Caution: Seek immediate attention as this may lead to a possible fire hazard.
Hot Oil: Oil could be potentially leaking onto the exhaust system. Evidence of this could be oil on the pavement under your vehicle or smoke from the engine. Caution: Make sure the engine is completely turned off before inspecting.
Burnt Rubber: The strong smell of burnt rubber could mean your vehicle's drive belt is slipping or loose hoses are rubbing against rotating drive pulleys. Caution: Do not engage if the engine is still hot.
Burning Carpet: This smell could mean there is a problem with your brakes. Seek immediate attention if this smell occurs during normal driving conditions. Caution: Brake troubles could lead to serious injuries.
Rotten Eggs: The unpleasant smell of rotten eggs could mean the catalytic converter is not converting hydrogen sulfide within the exhaust correctly. Caution: The catalytic converter may fail due to overheating because the engine is running poorly.