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Not Seeing What You're Looking For? Custom Order Your Honda Today!

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2024 Honda Odyssey

2024 Honda Odyssey


2024 Honda Odyssey

The 2024 Honda Odyssey is equipped with the latest technology and innovative design. Honda set this minivan to redefine your family's journey. In this article, Maple Honda will explore the exciting features and improvements that make the 2024 Honda Odyssey the ultimate choice for families on the go.

Notable Changes From the Previous Year

In the 2024 model year, Honda has chosen to keep the Honda Odyssey mostly unchanged from its previous iteration. This decision is in line with Honda's reputation for delivering vehicles that are reliable and built to last. The 2024 version of the Odyssey maintains the exceptional standards that have made it a popular choice for families everywhere.

Infotainment and Technology Features

Honda outfitted the Odyssey with a range of advanced technology and connectivity features that they designed to elevate your driving experience. One standout feature is the impressive 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system, aptly named Display Audio. This state-of-the-art system allows for seamless smartphone integration with the vehicle's technology. With Bluetooth connectivity, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto capability, drivers can effortlessly connect their smartphones to the Odyssey.

Exterior Design

Exterior Design
The 2024 Honda Odyssey showcases a captivating exterior design that exudes confidence and athleticism. Its robust silhouette, accentuated by sleek lines and contours, commands attention on the road. The base trim of this impressive vehicle is decked out with 18-inch wheels that further enhance its bold presence. To personalize your Odyssey, you can choose from a range of exterior colours, allowing you to make a statement wherever you go.

Interior Comfort and Cargo Space

Interior Comfort and Cargo Space

The 2024 Honda Odyssey is crafted to exceed interior comfort and versatility expectations. Honda carefully created its spacious cabin to prioritize the driver's and passengers' comfort. They designed the seats to provide a comfortable ride, ensuring every journey is enjoyable. Its generous interior space sets the Odyssey apart - the second and third rows are among the most spacious in its class, providing ample legroom for all passengers.

Performance Features

The 2024 Honda Odyssey boasts an impressive 3.5-litre V6 engine that delivers an exhilarating driving experience. This powerful engine produces an output of 280 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque. The minivan's 10-speed automatic transmission further enhances its performance, ensuring a smooth and seamless ride.

Safety and Driver Assistance Features

Honda has placed a strong emphasis on safety in the design of the 2024 Honda Odyssey. This minivan comes equipped with a suite of standard driver-assistance technologies that prioritize the safety of both the driver and passengers. Lane departure warning and automatic emergency braking are just two of the key features devised to keep you safe on the road. With these advanced features, you can confidently navigate the road, secure in the knowledge that the Odyssey is looking after you.

Trims with Pricing*

  • EX-L $54,104*
  • Touring $60,304*
  • Black Edition $62,104*

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Reserve your 2024 Honda Odyssey today and secure your spot in the future of family adventure. With its advanced features, spacious interiors, and unmatched reliability, the 2024 Honda Odyssey is the perfect vehicle to amplify your family's journey. Get ready to create lasting memories with this exceptional minivan. Reserve now at Maple Honda and be one of the first to experience the thrill of the 2024 Honda Odyssey!

* All pricing is based on Ontario MSRP and does not include taxes and fees. Dealer pricing may differ. Prices are subject to change anytime without notice.


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