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7 Tips to Prepare Your Car for Spring

7 Tips to Prepare Your Car for Spring in Vaughan, ON

7 Tips to Prepare Your Car for Spring in Vaughan, ON

As seasons change, it is important to maintain your vehicle. Harsh winter conditions lead to maintenance issues that need dealing with early before the problems prove costly. Regular maintenance will extend your vehicle's life span, keeping it working for longer and helping with its resale value. At Maple Honda, we love spring driving in Vaughan, ON, with its beautiful sunshine, rainfall, and blooms. We also strive to keep you safe on the road. Here's how to transition your vehicle from winter to spring and the necessary steps you should take for your car to keep running smoothly.

Prepare Your Vehicle for Spring

1. Wash Your Vehicle

  • Winter comes with salt-covered roads and slush that build up under your car. To prepare your vehicle for spring, take it to a car wash for a thorough wash, a decent polish, and a fresh wax coat.

2. Swap Your Tires

  • Warmer weather affects winter tires and causes them to lose grip on wet roads. Switch out your winter tires to summer or all-season tires. Low winter temperatures affect the pressure of your tires, and harsh road conditions can lead to wheel misalignment and wear and tear of tire treads. Use this time to get your tires balanced.

3. Examine Your Headlights

  • Gravel and salt cause cracks and corrosion on the wires in your headlights. Your lights require regular inspection for cracks and other damage. Make sure to do it this spring before driving in rainy conditions that require greater visibility.

4. Replace Windshield Wiper Blades and Fluid

  • During winter, snow leads to damage to the wiper blades. If your wiper blades leave streaks after use, they need replacing. Wiper replacement and topping off wiper fluid is a simple procedure.

5. Replace Your Air Filter

  • When the snow has melted, built-up dust gets released into the air and will get trapped in your air filter. For smooth running during spring, visit our Service Centre and get your air filter replaced.

6. Look For Leaks

  • Cold Canadian winters affect every part of your car. Check for cracks on the rubber cooling hoses of your radiator that could lead to leaks.

7. Change The Oil

  • Different seasons require different oil viscosities due to varying temperatures. When transitioning from winter to spring, changing the oil to the appropriate one is important.

Book a Service Appointment

At Maple Honda, we are ready to provide you with all expertise to fulfill all your automotive needs. From our wide variety of new Honda vehicles to our knowledgeable Service Centre, you can rely on us in Vaughan, Ontario, and the surrounding regions. Contact us to schedule a service appointment for your car this spring!