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Not Seeing What You're Looking For? Custom Order Your Honda Today!

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All-Season Tires

Time to Say Goodbye to Winter and Say Hello to Spring;

Make the Switch to All-Season Tires.

The cold has come and gone and it's time to store those winter tires and make the switch to all-season or summer. As spring arrives, it's important to adjust your vehicle to the hotter temperatures which includes getting the proper tires. In temperatures over 7 degrees Celsius, all-season or summer tires are specifically designed to maintain the proper tread in order to grip the pavement as well as extend mileage and durability.

Whether it's raining or sweltering hot, all-season tires are built to last in fluctuating weather conditions. The strong traction and stable cornering found in all-season tires will help prevent vehicles from hydroplaning and are able to adjust to the heated grounds.

Just as all-season and summer tires don't serve well in the cold weather, winter tires are not fit for the warm weather. Compounds within winter tires begin to heat up, causing the tire to become too flexible and lose grip, resulting in a longer stopping distance. If the winter tires are exposed to too much heat, it could lead to a tire blowout.

Leave winter behind; spring forward and come see us for a tire swap! We even offer the convenience of tire storage. Choosing to store your tires with us will keep them in pristine condition which will also prolong their life; until the cold weather strikes again.

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