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Tips to Extend the Life of Your Tires

Extending the life of your tire

Maple Honda is a leading Honda dealership in Maple, Ontario. We offer new Honda vehicles, including popular models like the Honda Accord, Civic, Civic Type R, CR-V, CR-V Hybrid, HR-V, and the Honda Passport. We also host a Honda Service Centre and provide genuine Honda parts, including tires. Contact us for more information about our services and vehicles for sale in Maple, Ontario.

With our many years of experience, we have identified common causes of damage. And we want to help inform all automotive consumers on how they can extend their tire life when travelling Maple streets.

We recommend drivers inspect their tires habitually. Carrying out regular inspection ensures your tires are in the rightful condition. You can also schedule a service appointment at our Maple Honda Service Centre today and have our factory-trained technicians professionally inspect your tire. But for now, keep reading for tips that will help you optimize your tires.

Check Your Tire Pressure

Ensure you have the right tire pressure before you start driving. The levels depend on the type of vehicle. Under-inflation reduces the cushioning power of your tires, making them more susceptible to impacts. It also increases the chances of penetration, abrasion and reduces the road-tire contact.

On the other hand, over-inflation of the tires causes excessive flexing of the sidewalls. This leads to overheating and eventually case break up and tread separation. Maintaining the right inflation level is a simple task but saves your tires a great deal.

Balance Your Wheels

Every tire contains a heavier spot, which can be caused by daily wear or manufacturing imperfections. This causes the tire to have an unequal distribution of weight. No matter how small the weight difference is, it is enough to cause vibration and quicken uneven wear. To ensure your wheels are balanced correctly, schedule a service appointment with our factory-trained technicians.

Check Your Wheel Alignment

Wheel misalignment is caused by hitting a pothole or curb or bumping on an object like a parking lot barrier. Improper alignment wears out tires faster than expected. The tire can also portray a rough or slightly torn appearance. This reduces the lifespan of your tires since it reduces traction and prompts you to change them.

Schedule Tire Service At Maple Honda

Tire maintenance has a direct impact on its lifespan. By practicing the three simple steps outlined above, you can significantly extend the life of your tires. Proper care is ultimately more cost-efficient than having to replace your tires. Therefore, you should make it a habit, and you will see your tires serve you longer. And don't forget to contact Maple Honda for your tire needs.

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