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Not Seeing What You're Looking For? Custom Order Your Honda Today!

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Battery Testing & Information

What you need to know about your vehicle's battery:

Without a battery, your vehicle wouldn't start. The battery provides a jolt of electricity, powering each electrical component as well as stabilizing the voltage by keeping the electric current steady. About 70% of batteries fail within 4 years and begin to cause stress on important parts such as the alternator.

Driving short distances prevents your battery from completely charging and as the cold weather hits, added pressure on the battery causes over compensation. Here at Maple Honda, we want to make sure your drive is hassle-free which is why we're providing a
free battery test to ensure your Honda is in tip top shape for your adventures. Not only will we be able to tell you how much life your battery has left, we will also provide an estimate as to what temperature your battery may fail at, so you can drive with a peace of mind.

Most modern batteries do not need as much maintenance work, but do not mean they are maintenance-free. Over time, corrosion or leaks may occur; causing the battery to fail which means you'll need to replace it. Here are some symptoms indicating your battery is beginning to fail:

1. A slow engine start: If your vehicle takes longer to start and the cranking of the engine is slower than usual, this showcases a major symptom of battery failure.

2. Something smells funky: If you notice a rotten egg smell around your battery, this could mean your battery is leaking. Leaking causes corrosion which will in turn prevent your vehicle from starting.

3. The battery looks bloated or swollen: If your battery looks bigger than normal, this could mean your battery is going bad because of excessive heat.

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