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What are the Benefits of Winter Tire?

Benefits of Winter Tires | Maple Toyota

Winter tires are paramount to keeping you safe and your car performing at its best during our roughest season. At Maple Honda, we pride ourselves on meeting all your service and parts needs while providing customers in and around Maple, Ontario with all the guidance they'll need to best prepare themselves for winter. Find out what winter tires will do for your vehicle below before visiting our dealership to get them installed.

The Benefits of Winter Tires

Unlike all-season and summer tires, winter tires are specially designed with a rubber compound that keeps its flexibility at cold temperatures and maintains its grip in sub-zero environments. Winter tires also come with a more aggressive tread pattern that allows them to brave ice and snow while keeping snow build-up to a minimum. Furthermore, driving with the wrong seasonal tires can cause you to skid during abrupt braking on cold and slippery surfaces, and luckily, winter tires help your vehicle maintain its composure when braking on such surfaces, thanks in part to their softer rubber. They also come with special grooves that push water away and reduce the risk of hydroplaning.

How to Buy the Best Winter Tires for Your Vehicle

Maple Honda can help you find the set of winter tires that best suits your vehicle. We boast a comprehensive inventory of rubber from the most reliable and respected brands, and our staff will gladly fill you in on the recommended set for your vehicle to help you prepare for our toughest season. Once we've supplied you with your winter tires, our certified technicians will be happy to install them for you. Get in touch with Maple Honda today and schedule your service appointment.

Maintaining Winter Tires

Like every set of tires, it's important to keep tabs on your winter tires' pressure, as well as their tread depth, as it's integral to their performance and grip when traveling over snow, ice, and slush. Once winter is behind you and the time comes to switch back to all-season tires, remember to clean your winter tires before storing them, as salt can get trapped in the rubber and damage it over time. Lastly, we recommend tightly wrapping each winter tire in a plastic bag before stacking in storing them to stave off excess moisture.

If you'd like further details regarding the benefits of winter tires, contact us at Maple Honda today.

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