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Not Seeing What You're Looking For? Custom Order Your Honda Today!

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Brake Fluid

Brake fluid transfers the force created when the driver presses on the pedal onto the wheel hub. The fluid forms a hydraulic pressure which stimulates the brake caliper, allowing the vehicle to slow down. The brake fluid works under high pressures and temperatures while absorbing moisture which allows the vehicle to brake smoothly. The boiling point of the brake fluid is critical as it needs to stay as a liquid and not evaporate, allowing the system to brake efficiently.

What can go wrong?

Brake fluid will begin to deteriorate since it absorbs an excessive amount of moisture through the pipes, hoses and joints that it lubricates. The fluid will begin to lose its function and begin to degrade due to the rise in water content. Brake fluid leaks can also occur; if the brake pedal goes all the way to the floor but doesn't stop the vehicle, this will run the brake system dry.

What can you do?

Regular maintenance checkups are essential to protect again corrosion and avoid damage to the engine and brakes. The brake fluid will begin to lower than its indicated mark which can be filled to avoid running out but over time, a full brake fluid replacement will be necessary as the fluid will not work as well as it once did. Always get a brake fluid replacement when recommended by a service advisor.