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Not Seeing What You're Looking For? Custom Order Your Honda Today!

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Dashboard Symbols

Dashboard Symbols
When a warning symbol unexpectedly appears while driving, it certainly causes a bit of panic, especially if you don't know what it means. Other symbols are used to simply indicate a certain device is in use which is why it's important to know what each symbol is telling you. Listed below are some symbols and their meaning to help you better understand your vehicle:

*Please note not all warning symbols are universal. Check your owner's manual for more information.

Honda Dashboard Symbols in Vaughan, ON

Nothing feels better than knowing that your vehicle is functioning well while driving. Thanks to the Honda Dashboard lights, drivers are always in the know about the condition of their car. Your Honda dashboard has several lights that assist you in knowing the state of the vehicle you are driving. These dashboard lights are categorized into the following categories. Emission lights that help you know about the car's condition, security system lights, driver assistance lights, brake lights, multi-information display lights, level measurement lights, and supplemental restraint lights.

Honda Dashboard Lights Overview

It is always a satisfying feeling when you know what the lights on your dashboard mean. With this knowledge, you have the upper hand when you see the light that turns on your dashboard is not a warning light, and you can know what to do when the light is a warning of something amiss. If you do not understand your Honda dashboard lights, our Service Centre has the experts to help you keep your vehicle running at its best.

Types Of Honda Dashboard Symbols

It is always recommended to take the dashboard lights just as the traffic lights. Green means go, and when you see a green light on your dashboard, there is no cause for worry; you are free to proceed with your journey confidently. Yellow means be careful. When you see a yellow light on your dashboard, you should be cautious. Even though it is not a problem that will stop your vehicle from functioning, it is wise to pull over and find a way to solve the problem. A red light means stop; when it appears on your dashboard, you should stop since this is a critical condition that demands immediate attention.

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Fog Light Fog Light (Front):
The fog lights are on. These are to be used when fog, mist, smoke or other conditions limit your visibility.
Power Steering Warning:
A problem with the steering system has occurred. The steering could become stiff or hard to maneuver.
Fog Light (Rear):
The rear fog lights are on. Used to make the vehicle more visible from the rear.
Washer Fluid Low:
An indication your window washer fluid is low and you need to refill.
Brake Pad Warning:
Triggered when the brake pads are worn down and only 25% remains.
Direction Indicators/Turn Signals:
Lights to inform other drivers of the direction you intend to head in (left or right).