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Not Seeing What You're Looking For? Custom Order Your Honda Today!

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Honda Roadside Assistance

Behind You, For the Road Ahead.

When you purchase or lease a new vehicle from our dealership, you are entitled to our complimentary Roadside Assistance program or you may upgrade to our Honda Plus Roadside Assistance which protects the registered vehicle, the owner of the vehicle as well as any authorized driver (regardless of ownership) whenever they need help, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere in Canada or the continental U.S.

Call:1-800-465-PLUS (7587)

The Roadside Assistance will provide you roadside coverage for the first 3 years*, starting from the date of registration to minimize problems like mechanical breakdowns, lockouts and accidents. Once the initial 3 years have expired, you have the option to extend this program:
*5 years for 2009-2014 Fit

  • $84 for 1 year
  • $170 for 3 years
  • $212 for 4 years

Here's what it covers:
The following services are provided under the Standard Roadside Assistance Program.

1. Emergency Roadside Service: Assistance will be dispatched if your vehicle's battery needs boosting, if you need help changing a flat tire or if you run out of gas.

Emergency Lockout Service: If you lose, break or lock your keys in your vehicle, Roadside Assistance will transport the vehicle to the nearest authorized Honda Dealer. You will only be charged for the cost of new keys, if required.

3. Winching Service**: If you are stuck in snow, mud or a ditch, service will be arranged and will pay up to $100 per incident.
**Any winching services required are considered a recovery service. They will take every step possible to avoid additional damage to the vehicle but are not responsible if damage occurs. Any such claim should be reported through your vehicle insurance provider.

Mechanical Breakdown Towing: Services will be arranged to have your vehicle towed from the breakdown site to your preferred Honda Dealer within 100 km or to the nearest Honda Dealer within 300 km.

5. Emergency Transportation: If you have a mechanical breakdown less than 100 km from your home, you will be given up to $100 for commercial transportation (bus, train or taxi) to bring you to your destination and/or Honda Dealer.

Trip Interruption Benefits: If you break down more than 100 km from your home, Roadside Assistance will provide you with $500.00 for meals, car rentals and other emergency situations.

7. Traffic Accident Services: If you are in an accident less than 100 km from your home, a service will be provided to tow your vehicle to your preferred Honda Dealer within 100 km or to the nearest Honda Dealer within 300 km.
NOTE: This benefit is only provided when no other insurance is involved.

Emergency Message Service: If an emergency occurs to you and your vehicle, Roadside Assistance will make a reasonable effort to get a message to family, friends or business associates.

Dealer Locator Service: This service will provide the driver with the exact location and phone number to the nearest Honda Dealer to locate original and quality parts.

By upgrading to Honda Plus, the above benefits are combined with the added services below and are extended through the Honda Plus Warranty to the length of your term chosen. To see what the Honda Plus Comprehensive Protection Plan covers, click here.

10. Car Rental: Honda Plus will provide you with $45.00 per day for rental purposes for a maximum of five (5) days if the repair time exceeds more than five (5) hours on your vehicle.
NOTE: This benefit cannot be combined with the Trip Interruption Benefit.

11. Tire Road Hazard: If your tires become damaged or unsafe due to hazardous road conditions, Honda Plus will cover the installation fees, balancing charges and the value of the tire based on the remaining tread depth on a maximum of four (4) tires and/or repairs.

12. The Honda Computerized Trip Routing Service: Going on a road trip? By calling 14 days before, Honda Plus will send you an informational package that includes: custom computerized trip routing map, road, city and vacation area maps as well as details of popular tourist attractions.

With the Honda Plus Protection Plans, we won't stop protecting you and your vehicle.

This is a representation of the outline provided by the Honda Plus Roadside Assistance plan offered and is intended to provide basic coverage. At any time, Honda Canada Inc. has the right to change without notice or any obligations. Please refer to the contract for full details of coverage, limitations and exclusions.