Not Seeing What You're Looking For? Custom Order Your Honda Today!

Not Seeing What You're Looking For? Custom Order Your Honda Today!

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All-New 2022 Honda CR-V

New Honda CRV

2022 Honda CR-V In Vaughan, ON

The all-new 2022 Honda CR-V offers fuel-efficient powertrains, a spacious interior and a host of a standard of active safety features.

2022 Honda CR-V Exterior

2022 Honda CR-V Exterior | Maple Honda

Aerodynamic and low-emission vehicles are the future, and the Honda CR-V is leading the charge. Featuring a sleek, aerodynamic exterior with cleaner lines and body-coloured detailing, it will be the car of the future. Regarding exterior styling, Honda pays close attention to creating a unique look for the All-New 2022 Honda CR-V. By using body-coloured door mirrors with integrated turn signal indicators, the new Honda will be able to appeal to the needs of its target demographic. In addition, the clever folding design of these mirrors is far more attractive than current models on the market.

2022 Honda CR-V Interior

2022 Honda CR-V Interior

The 2022 Honda CR-V has a lot of upgrades over the old model. The CR-V comes with a colour TFT centre meter display with a Driver Information Interface, an immobilizer theft-deterrent system, and the Maintenance Minder system. The All-New 2022 Honda CR-V makes excellent use of its cabin space and storage areas, and even the rear seats have a few handy features to make your drives more enjoyable. For example, rear air vents keep passengers cool in the Summer heat, while rear-seat heater ducts provide the utmost comfort during cold Winter weather.

2022 CR-V Infotainment & Connectivity

The 2022 version of the beloved SUV comes with entertainment that puts you in the driver's seat, making long car rides more enjoyable than ever. With an all-new 7" Display Audio System3 and a 331-watt premium audio system, you'll be able to connect your smartphone or tablet seamlessly for either streaming music or GPS directions. One tap on the touchscreen can play a song from your favourite artist using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. With Siri Eyes, Free compatibility allows you to focus while travelling.

Honda's All-New 2022 CR-V sets the bar high for other vehicle brands. The Honda CR-V allows you to do things you've never thought possible in a car with its state-of-the-art technology. Not only does it come with Wi-Fi capability, allowing you to tether your device, but it also comes with satellite radio access, letting you listen to your favourite music all day long. The 2022 Honda CR-V will be one of the first cars to offer a full suite of connectivity options, including Wi-Fi tethering, Siri Eyes free compatibility, SiriusXM™3 and rear USB ports.

2022 CR-V Performance & Engine Options

Its agile handling and quick acceleration are what people want when they're looking for a mid-size SUV, plus you can't beat its fuel efficiency. With superior acceleration that turns heads, the 2022 Honda CR-V is ready to take on any terrain. The CR-V is one of the most advanced vehicles, boasting a powerful engine that outputs 190 horsepower and 179 lb-ft of torque with improved fuel efficiency.

The All-New 2022 Honda CR-V has an environmentally friendly engine yet has enough power to conquer any terrain. With its 1.5L turbocharged engine, the all-new CRV ranks high on performance but low on emissions. And with Honda's Eco Assist system, your journey will be as eco-friendly as the car itself.

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