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Security Registration

Security Registration

If you have a newer vehicle, have an upscale vehicle or live in the Metropolitan area, you may be at a high risk of theft. But let's face it, anything can happen anywhere, which is why it's important to prepare for the unexpected. Our Anti-theft program provides you with the best coverage.


Security Registration (Silent Sentinel)

Motor vehicle theft is a crime that affects many Canadians, both directly and indirectly and is one of the most frequent police-reported offences in Canada. In 2007, approximately 146,000 vehicles were stolen, which is about an average of 400 each day. Protect your vehicle with our Anti-theft Silent Sentinel Program.
Source: Statistics Canada and Insurance Bureau of Canada

How Silent Sentinel Works:

A vehicle identification number (VIN Number) is etched into all major glass windows on your vehicle. Silent Sentinel stops vehicle thieves before they enter your vehicle and the system can't be altered or bypassed without replacing the glass in its entirety, which is too costly and risky for thieves. Silent Sentinel is passive; you have nothing to turn on or off but works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, even with valet parking.

Sentinel Warranty:

Your Silent Sentinel protected car, truck, recreational vehicle and travel trailer will not be stolen. If it is, it will be returned before it is damaged to the extent it's a total loss. In the event we cannot comply with this guarantee, we will pay:

  • The actual cash value of your vehicle up to a $5,000 replacement allowance
  • up to $1,000 if the vehicle is stolen and recovered but not damaged to magnitude of a total loss
  • car rental allowance of up to $600
  • a standard traveler allowance of up to $400 for meals and accommodation (if the theft occurs 160 km or more from home)
  • airfare reimbursement of up to $600 (if the theft occurs 800 km or more from home)

You may be paid as much as $4,600

Theft Deterrent System:

Vehicle Registration: Your vehicle's description and owner's data are registered through the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) in the Federal Government's computer system which can be accessed immediately by all law enforcements in the event of theft.

Law Enforcement Cooperation: Continuing to work with law enforcement agencies to gain their cooperation in supporting window etching and promoting awareness that stealing vehicles will land thieves in jail.

Transfer: Silent Sentinel will transfer the warranty to a future purchaser of your vehicle for a small handling fee if applied for.

Free Protection Replacement: If you need to replace any previously etched vehicle part on your registered vehicle, Silent Sentinel will reapply the VIN etching free of charge.

Length of Coverage: Depending on your current vehicle, you may be provided up to 5 years of protection.