Not Seeing What You're Looking For? Custom Order Your Honda Today!

Not Seeing What You're Looking For? Custom Order Your Honda Today!

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Tire and Rim Protection

Tire and Rim Protection

Tire and Rim Protection

Vehicle tires and rims may sometimes suffer damage secondary to various road hazards. Replacing a rim or a tire may create an unpleasant inconvenience and an undesirable cost. The Plus Road Hazard Protection plans offered by Maple Honda absorb the cost of roadside mishaps. Visit our Service Centre online to schedule an appointment for quality repairs.

Tire & Rim Road Hazard Coverage

Plus Road Hazard Protection plans will cover new, leased, or preowned Honda vehicles. Choose a plan's time length and overall cost based on your wants and needs. Road hazard protection extends to all rim and tire purchases year-round. Should a tire, rim, or valve stem suffer damage and require replacement or repair, our technicians perform the service at no cost to vehicle owners.

Peace of Mind

Once obtaining tire and rim protection for a vehicle, Maple Honda owners need not worry about the additional cost of road hazard issues that may include wheel balancing, alignment, and installation. All services are covered without hidden fees.

Road Service

Should a tire become flat, torn, or ruptured while on the road, the protection plan covers up to $100 in towing fees for each road hazard event. Once the tow truck arrives onsite, the vehicle is transported to our Maple Honda facility for tire repair or replacement using quality products from our Parts Centre.

Cosmetic Rim Repair

Driving on a flat tire causes rim damage. Certain road hazards also pose a risk to your rims. Cosmetic rim protection covers up to $200 for each rim damage event.

Road Hazards in Canada

Pieces of metal, chunks of ice, broken glass, nails, and screws are some of the many sharp objects that can flatten tires. Driving over potholes, uneven maintenance hole covers, uneven road surfaces, or against curbs are other instances that can damage tires and rims.

Protect Your Tires and Rims Today!

Contact us before a road hazard occurs and receive protection plan coverage today. Schedule an appointment online with our Vaughan, Ontario, Maple Honda Service Centre to learn more.

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