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Winter Tires & Storage Information

Winter will be soon upon us, which brings up the question: should I get winter tires?

Winter tires help reduce the braking distances on cold, wet and snow covered roads and can provide a 25% shorter stopping distance compared to all-season tires. When the temperature drops to a merely 7°C, all-season tires turn hard and lose their elasticity causing longer stopping distances and reduced handling. In simpler terms, winter tires help lessen the risk of an accident.

All-season tires are intended to work within a wide variety of conditions, but aren't capable of exact precision throughout one specific season. The tread designs and compounds that are produced to extend the durability and the vehicle's mileage during warmer weather in the summer are less effective in colder weather.

In comparison to all-season tires, winter tires contain a compound called silica which keeps the tire flexible in cold temperatures and guarantees better grip and brake performance on wet roads. Winter tires also contain a considerably larger amount of sipes, which are small narrow slots that are moulded into the ribs of the tread of the tire that increase traction. It is also important to understand that all four winter tires should be purchased, not just two. Two winter tires will not suffice and will compromise your vehicle's handling, stability and braking system during harsh road conditions.

Not only will winter tires help reduce the risk of accidents and ensure your safety, they will also give you a discount on your insurance premium. As of January 1, 2016, all Ontario insurance companies will be required to provide a 3-5% discount on insurance rates as a means to reward drivers for safe winter driving. Although each insurance company is mandated to provide a discount, it's up to them how much the discount will be. There's a chance your insurer already provides a winter tire discount, or one that you have to inquire about, but still less than half of Ontario insurers offer any sort of reward for safe driving in the winter.

Before January 1 comes around, be sure to read the fine print from your insurer as some companies require winter tires to be on your vehicle from November - April in a set of four to get the complete discount.

Come see us today at Maple Honda and purchase a complete set of Winter Tires. Be prepared for the weather ahead.

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